Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Amy Marshall

To follow-up on yesterday's press release, today's Artist Spotlight is on Amy Marshall, the artist working on the Archstone sponsored plane "Soar Above the Rim."

As you will see from the slideshow, most of Amy's work in the Artist Studio has been completed. The plane is scheduled to be transported downtown early next week by Crystal Flight partner, JK Moving & Storage where Washington Wizards players will add their mark.

About the Artist
As a visual artist, I am inspired by the emotional expression of the face and the human form. I use powerful hues and surprising color schemes in acrylic paint to concentrate and distill the light and shadow of an image. Despite the overall starkness of my paintings, they are able to convey deep complexity. The bold use of line and shape characteristic of my uncomplicated style brings life to my canvases. A selection of my work has hung twice in solo shows at the Clarendon Grill in Arlington, VA.

I am also a muralist whose work appears in bedrooms, playrooms and schools across the greater Washington area. Two of my murals are on the walls at National Presbyterian School in NW, DC and several appeared in a home on the Potomac Country House Tour in Potomac, MD. I have been commissioned by individuals to create portraits of loved ones, pets and treasured images.

As an art teacher for fourteen years, I have taught at several schools throughout Maryland and Washington, DC. My students’ projects have been used to create permanent displays at St. Francis Episcopal Day School in Potomac, MD, National Presbyterian School in Washington, DC, and St. Mary Catholic School in Hagerstown, MD. In 2007 I was the director of Beyond Borders, an art show featuring my elementary students who were the youngest artists ever to exhibit at the Katzen Art Center at American University. As an educator, I am honored to have the opportunity to inspire children to discover more about themselves through artistic self-expression.

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