Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ready For Takoff! - "Rock Solid"

Local artist Pamela Marcon officially completed her work today. Rock Solid conveys a meticulously detailed work of art that conveys the airplane constructed of stone blocks and realistic looking granite.

"I saw the image of the sidewalk starting as the base," Pamela says describing her work, "...combining its texture with the four different faux rock finishes. Representing…… the solid rock quality of Crystal City!"

Explore some of her work at her website by visiting

A Word from the Artist
"Occasionally I happened to be alone working in the studio. The sight of all the planes and the sound of nearby construction made it feel like a real plane hanger. I am glad I was there to experience it.

My very best wishes to the Crystal City BID Folks, the Artists, and to the people of the building. We especially enjoyed the window of smiles… Thank you for making it a truly memorable project."

About the Artist
Sometimes when a door closes, a window opens. And that is how Pamela Marcon—who aspired to be a dancer as a young woman—found art in 1972 after a stage accident shattered her knee and her dream. Pamela is one of our area’s homegrown artists, having been born in Takoma Park, Maryland. Pam’s been painting since 1972, and an Arlington resident since 1976. Her propensity to paint anything—canvas, furniture, walls, pans, saws, cement floors—with a mural or faux finish earned her recognition in the region, and ultimately, a number of commissions. Her art is living, unpredictable, whimsical, and often, three dimensional. She prefers acrylics, but is willing to try any new medium or venue in the name of engaging art.

Pamela’s approach to art and growth of her talent has been eclectic. Throughout the years, she has pursued her education through formal and informal channels slowly, steadily, and with the passion of a soul born to create. But it’s her unique skill that has kept her progressing and in the public eye for years. And since an untimely, two-week long computer crash frustrated her in 1997, even her own little bungalow speaks to her vocation; tired of fighting with her computer, she started to paint the house’s entire exterior....... not with a big paint house-painting brush, but with her little picture-painting brush. The murals "glow" happily at passing traffic. Among her largest commissions was a series of 121 paintings that Raytheon selected for an installation in Massachusetts.

A member of the Delray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia, Pam is busy. In the future, her paintings will adorn select buildings in New Orleans for Katrina survivors. She’s participated in area art shows, and is currently working on numerous projects from a T-shirt design for the Arlington Historic Society, to a series of Cartoons. She hopes to coordinate a multi-artist show in the Lyon Park area of Arlington this spring.

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