Monday, April 14, 2008

Crystal Block - A Celebration of Art & Air

The second annual Crystal Block party was a stunning success! Despite looming rain clouds and unseasonably cool temperatures, the festivities of Crystal Block, which included musical acts Wicked Jezabel, Folsom Prisoners, and the Reflex, children's moon bounces and slides, cotton candy, popcorn, and tons of give-aways from area businesses, attracted several thousand visitors!

In addition to the three planes located in the area - Freddie's Flotsam & Jetsam, CC Sports Pub's Bounce Off and BB&T's Pennies from Heaven - 23rd Street was the temporary home for Chalk It Up and Graffiti Plane. Graffiti Artist Kevin Irvin spent most of the 5-hours of the party painting his plane for Arlington Sports in the middle of the road! Interested Block Party attendees had the chance to see him in action and his design evolve! Chalk It Up offered children and adults the opportunity to put their own creative energies to work! Painted with chalkboard paint, the plane was certainly "Chalked Up" by the end of the day.

BB&T also treated visitors to their both with a contest using their plane as inspiration. Can you guess how many pennies (or how much money) is actually on the BB&T plane, Pennies from Heaven?

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