Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visitor Blog Entry

A colleague of a Crystal City BID staff member recently sent over this wonderful excerpt from a personal blog post that just had to be shared! It encapsaltes everything the Crystal Flight project was intended to bring to the streets of Crystal City.

Excerpt from Anonymous Blog Post
Buggy plane
After having dinner out [a rare treat], we happened upon this piece of public art. A neighborhood in Arlington is near the airport so they have all this (sic) planes on display that have been decorated by various artists. This plane, sponsored by the U.S. Air Force, is called "Fly Zone" by Jessica Van Brakle. It features these rather large flies on it. Vaughan thought it was pretty cool!
Hey! Look there are more flies over here!
Yep, there is a fly!
He got one last close look at a fly before we went home, he got a bath and went to bed. Whew! --

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T2 from Bowie said...

My nephew and I completed the Flight yesterday afternoon. It was well worth the effort. We did note a couple of deviations from the map; #20 is Shamflew (Shamu themed) instead of Caribou Jet Set and #42 & #46 positions are switched. I haven't been to Crystal City since the late 90's and it was a very nice backdrop for this project. Well done!