Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sponsor Spotlight - Cucina Vivace

Italy has influenced the cuisine of dozens of countries. That influence is reflected in the love so many have not only for Italian food, but for the comfort of the Italian dining experience. People see our shared history in every meal; making us all one family at the table. This cultural blending takes shape in “True Colors”, where the flags of five nations (Ethiopia, Romania, Croatia, US, and Nicaragua; representing the Cucina Vivace staff) blend into the predominant color scheme of the plane – the Italian flag.

About the Sponsor - Cucina Vivace

Welcome to Cucina Vivace, a trattoria and enoteca created by Chef Gordon Vivace. We take pride in offering you innovative, contemporary dishes born in the oldest traditions of Italian cooking. Variations on classic themes are created with the use of fresh, local ingredients, just as dishes have been created in Italy for centuries. We strive to bring you the heart of the Italian table, where recipes are uniquely crafted cook by cook with individual flair and become centerpieces in a social event. Our structure is a four course offering, though we encourage guests to share our antipasti and primi courses with no additional plate charges so almost any budget and appetite can enjoy our relaxing full dining experience. Our wine list is designed to bring you a preferred selection, representing the best Italy has to offer in a broad range of geographies while each uniquely complements the flavorful creations on our menu. We invite you to share an authentic four course dining experience with us, select a light meal, or just join us for coffee and dessert. Come as you are, from jeans to black tie. You can enjoy it all in a casual environment where one of the most revered Italian traditions continues – good food creates good friendships.

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