Monday, March 3, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Anne Marchand

Anne Marchand has been greatly familiarizing herself with Crystal City! In October of last year she added colorful stripes to the streets of Crystal City - a smaller version of the street striping she completed in downtown DC along H Street - for the Marine Corps Marathon. Anne has also helped the Crystal City BID ad our signature color and stripes to our office walls. It was nearly a certainty that Anne's experiece in working with street statues (Anne worked on both the Panda's and the Party Animals) as well as her familiarity with Crystal City would lead her to participate in Crystal Flight!

Anne is completing "Flying Home" for artist sponsor Holland & Knight. Known for her renditions of cityscapes, Anne envisioned the capturing of Crystal City's changing architectural identity. Read on below for a more detailed Artistic Statement directly from Anne. You can also learn more about her by visiting her blog and website.

About "Flying Home"
Sleek Modern architecture of Crystal City, a contrast to the Victorian brownstones of DC, inspired me to create the vintage airplane, “Flying Home,” for Crystal Flight. Patterns of billowy clouds on the wings of the Vintage Plane, “Flying Home,” signifies the airplanes return to “home” territory in Crystal City. Painting with signature primary colors, the body of the airplane is a building that symbolizes the passengers homes. Emblems of modern apartment buildings; windows, balconies and terraces adorn the column and base of the design. Hints of cultural interchange and proximity between Crystal City, National Airport, and DC inspired me to include a view of the Potomac River along the base of the design. I am portraying an idea with exuberant colors that says “Hello! Welcome Home to Crystal City.” Many thanks to Holland and Knight and the Crystal City Bid for providing resources for the Crystal City architecture and the Crystal Flight project.

About the Artist
Anne Marchand was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She developed a color sensibility early in childhood while visiting Honduras, CA at the ripe age of two with her uncle and grandmother. Since then, she has loved exploring patterns and color palettes of world cultures. Her impressions during her early life are full of music, architecture, art, and movement. Marchand studied fine arts and art history at Auburn University and the University of Georgia where she received her BFA and MFA degrees. In her travels through the United States, Marchand gained a visual vocabulary of form and color in nature. She has taken inspiration from the space and color of the desert southwest as well as absorbing the richness of colors from other countries including Europe, Central America, Mexico, India and Thailand. The striking textures in her abstract paintings are experiments in surface richness. Her paintings are energetic and gestural; the colors, bright and luminous. The energy of urban living influences her rhythmic designs and color harmonies in her cityscape paintings and murals. Marchand loves to contrast bright reds, oranges and yellow with opposite colors that leap with exuberance. She superimposes bright colors over bird’s eye views of the city, suggesting the vitality of the communities that she paints. You can see her murals at Eastern Market, the Takoma Community Center, and the Westminster Playground in Washington, DC. Her work is in the City Hall Art Collection.

In 2007 Marchand’s work was exhibited in the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Artist Council Exhibition. In 2006, she exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Zenith Gallery in Washington, DC and in the desert Southwest in Sedona, AZ in 2005.

Marchand produces her paintings in her Washington, DC studio. She reads poetry and loves to walk in the neighborhoods of Washington, DC. Marchand has exhibited extensively in the United States in galleries in Washington, DC, New York City, Santa Fe, Sedona, Florida, California and Hawaii. She has been awarded four Individual Artist Fellowships through the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. In 2003, she was awarded an Artist In Residency Grant by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation to teach a mural workshop in Culiacan, Mexico. Anne was selected Liquitex Artist of the Month in 2004. After completing a 34’ Public Art Mural at the Westminster Playground in Washington, DC in 2002, she was nominated for the Mayor’s Art Award for Excellence in Artistic Discipline. Her mural was included in a Visions Award to the Westminster Neighborhood Association from the Committee of 100 on the Federal City. The Washington Post published an article about her contributions to the community through her mural work.

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