Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Diana Gamerman

Artist Diana Gamerman is working on two artistic designs for two separate sponsors. "Jewelry Plane" immediately struck a chord with one of the first Crystal Flight Sponsors, Crystal City Shops. This "rich" design consists of discarded and donated jewelry adhered all over the plane!

Diana's second plane represents one of the most ambitious plane designs amongst the group. "Blue Jay" turns the Crystal Flight statue into the likeness of an actual bird! The "Blue Jay" will likely find its home amongst the shrubs and trees near its sponsor, the Hyatt Regency - Crystal City.

A Word from the Artist

"During the past several years I have taken on the challenge of putting jewelry on different forms. My first project with this idea was working on a mannequin. It took me some time but the end result turned out very well. Most recently I worked with a deer head and again the finished piece turned out very well. When I heard about the Crystal City project, I decided that one of the airplanes would be my next goal."

"Besides constructing these projects, one of the biggest challenges is building up an inventory of jewelry. What is amazing about this project is all the people who have helped me with this issue by giving me jewelry. My sponsor for this project, Crystal City Shops, has generously provided me with a large amount. It was so helpful when Brenda Davis and her assistant have given me bags of jewelry. Another friend, Barbara Nash, provided me with another stash of jewelry as well as good moral support. All the ladies at my exercise class were also excited about the project and have donated many pieces of jewelry. Other artists, working on other air planes, have left bags full of nice jewelry that seem to appear when I arrive each day. This list includes Robert, who works next to me, as well as Chuck. I want to thank each and everyone. All this support has helped me move along with the project."

"The blue jay plane is also coming together. My inspiration for this plane is from the blue jays that come to my bird feeder in my back yard. I want to thank all the fellow artists who compliment my Blue Jay and tell me what they like best about it."

About Hyatt Regency - Crystal City
"A contemporary and stylish landmark hotel, Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport offers chic accommodations, elegant function space, outstanding service, and exceptional dining. The hotel is just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C.'s many historic sites, including world-famous monuments and museums, as well as the many restaurants and shops of nearby Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown."

About Crystal City Shops
There’s a hot new scene in Crystal City... alive with the coolest, most current restaurants and sidewalk cafes that color tree lined streets, inspired shopping and world class hotels.

Explore over 200 stores, shops and eateries. Plan a meeting at any of over a dozen hotels or just grab a cappuccino and relax in one of Crystal City’s nine beautiful parks.


Raul Contreras said...

Fantastic work! I can't wait to see them in person! Congratulations.

Wayne Simon said...

These birds by Diana G are truly incredible to look at... original and fascinating! How can you not enjoy looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana,

its a great joy to look a your fantastic peaces of bird and flying art. So much effort and different ideas, stones..very, very fascinating. I give you all the possible points available in the rating and I hope you will be the winner of the contest. You deserve it. With all my love, Ursina