Monday, March 17, 2008

Artist Spotlight - The Lange Family

For the Langes, Crystal Flight has been a family affair, even bringing their young infant son Sebastian to the kick-off party in January. Together, the trio have been working on three planes separate planes: "Breaking the Color Barrier," "City Bound," and "Freedom's Flight." The planes are being sponsored by the Marine Corps Marathon, Crystal Gateway Marriott & BIN 1700, and Boeing.

CITY BOUND - The sensation of travel
Every generation travels, driven by a desire to discover new places, enjoy new sites, and follow history. People seek momentos to help remind themselves of the places they have seen and visited. Often these souveniers come in the form of stickers from cities, airlines, and hotels. "City Bound" represents a three-dimensional testament to the journeys made through time and places visited. In an attempt to stay true to vintage themes, a simple black and white background was selected to showcase authentic reproduction travel stickers. We hope that this theme reminds all to enjoy the fine food, wine, and accommodations found throughout the world.
People of all ethnicities join in the sport of running, such as in the Olympic Games, and the many Marathon Events held each year throughout the world. Whether Asian, Caucasian, African-American, or Indian; tall, short, skinny, fat, young or old, man or woman, running offers a spirit of exercise that is possible wherever a person lives. "Breaking the Color Barrier" illustrates this cross-section of diversity through images of individuals depicted across the surface of the plane. Running and jogging (or exercise in general) helps to unite us all and creates pathways to break the color barrier.
The colors red, white, yellow, and blue and the American flag's stripes and stars, have long been a tradition and anchor for the United States and its corporations. We wanted to celebrate this sentiment by highlighting its history and putting forth the dynamics of energy and freedom. "Freedom's Flight" represents a spirited showcase that reflects the creativity and ingenuity found throughout our great nation.

About the Artist - Shauna Lee Lange
Born in Rhode Island in 1963, Shauna Lee Lange grew up in southern New England. After serving six years in the U.S. Navy, she studied public administration (arts) at Roger Williams University and thereafter joined the Federal Civil Service working in support of the U.S. Government. Shauna Lee has lived in Florida, Italy, Bahrain, Arizona and Massachusetts. She now makes her home in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Alex and their infant son, Sebastian. An adult daughter, Lauren, resides in Brooklyn.

Lange’s work encompasses artistry in ephemera assemblage, mixed media, and collage. She has a keen interest in the public arts arena and outsider or visionary art. In 2006, she founded and now runs a full service professional arts advisory firm within Metropolitan DC. Her arts concentration is in the area of art writing, art design, art consulting and art coaching. She participates in community service projects and loves great books.

About the Artist - Alex Lange
Born in Germany in 1942, Alex Lange grew up in Switzerland. After a transatlantic voyage to the United States at the age of 17, he went on to serve two years in the U.S. Army. He attended Pratt Institute and Yale University before becoming a professional architect. Alex has lived in London, New York, and Wisconsin. He now resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Shauna Lee and their infant son, Sebastian. Four adult sons include: Alexander of New Jersey; Matthew of Chicago; Christian of Chicago; and Philip of Williams Bay.

Lange’s work encompasses large scale, commercial architecture including projects such as London’s Canary Wharf and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His drawings are clean, straightforward, spacious and insightful. He has a keen interest in sports as an avid skier, tennis player, and soccer coach. He is an accomplished competitive pool player and speaks several languages. Alex is co-founder of shauna lee lange arts advisory, a full service professional arts consultancy within the Metropolitan DC area.

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