Friday, March 14, 2008

Artist/Sponsor Spotlight - Trilogy Design Group, Inc.

Some Crystal Flight sponsors that rely on creativity in their businesses, have chosen to come up with and implement their own designs. As a creative design firm, Trilogy Design Group is one such sponsor and will be completing "The Arc Takes Flight." Learn more about Trilogy and their evolving plane by continuing below.

A Word from the Sponsor/Artist

As the creative force behind “The Ark Takes Flight,” Trilogy Design Group, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of the Crystal City Flight.

Like so many creatives in our industry, the designers at Trilogy juggle lives as graphic artists and fine artists on a daily basis. When the opportunity to design and paint a Crystal City airplane sculpture walked through our door, we pounced on it! “The Ark Takes Flight,” combines our own identity, with Noah’s Ark, creating a world where our Trilogy brand co-exists with the passengers aboard the Ark. The Ark has been easily transformed from the infamous water bound boat into a flying fortress. “The Ark Takes Flight” is an important piece for Trilogy Design Group because it symbolizes the creative journey designers embark upon when faced with a project where the realm of possibilities is endless and the only inhibitor is the fear of flight itself. Take the leap and fly!

Trilogy Design Group is a creative design firm located in the heart of downtown Norfolk, VA specializing in identity and brand development, with an additional focus on marketing collateral, print advertisements, website design, and packaging.

For those curious design seekers, please visit us at and take a walk through our creative habitat where small voices roar, ideas take flight, and inspirational designs are achieved with intelligent and thoughtful decision making. That jungle out there? It’s our playground.

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